Identify a bug

Asked August 23, 2014, 12:03 PM EDT

I have a picture of a bug that I have never seen before and want to know whAt it is and what to do about it Found on fruit tree

York County Pennsylvania

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Known as Wheel Bugs these true bugs are related to assassin bugs, in the fact that they prey on Japanese Beetles and other common garden pests. These are considered beneficial insects and should not be handled if you wish to have them keep controlling pests around your garden. Assassin bugs get their name because they stab their victims with their piercing mouth parts and suck out the juices of their prey. Because of this, they can inflict a painful bite to you as well. Because the are true bugs, the can also leave a scent, much like stink bugs so another reason for not handling them. A great picture and question.
Thanks, G.