What is causing these spots on squash plant?

Asked August 22, 2014, 7:58 AM EDT

What is causing these spots on squash plant?

Worcester County Maryland

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The white veins are normal on squash leaves, but the yellow spots are very likely symptoms of downy mildew, a serious disease that has recently appeared in a widespread part of the mid-Atlantic. Please review the following portion of our website.

Thank you. What is the problem with the beans in the attached photo?

We were able to discuss all of your questions/photos with our resident vegetable specialist and as a result we can revise our previous response about your squash. The yellow spots on the foliage are not necessarily symptomatic of downy mildew. You should examine the underside of the leaves after reviewing the photos on our website.
Your beans exhibit the results of several factors, the most notable of which is simply age. There has obviously been some insect damage, possibly Mexican bean beetles or Japanese beetles. Also, there could have been some spider mite damage. But, beans take on this beaten appearance as the season progresses.
Hopefully, you enjoyed a decent harvest.

Thank you for following up! I have been fighting squash bugs all summer. Cabbage moths too!