disease vectors?

Asked August 21, 2014, 4:35 PM EDT

I am obtaining some Malaysian trumpet snails for my aquarium. They multiply quickly, and I wish to then feed them to something which in its turn will serve as food for humans. Loaches are one possibility, but I am also interested in considering crayfish; however, my research on the internet has suggested that crustaceans (type unknown) may be part of the life cycle of the disease organisms which may originate from this kind of snails. Please tell me that it is other crustaceans which these folks are referring to?

Thank you!

Salt Lake County Utah

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"In Utah, the Malaysian trumpet snail (aka Melanoides tuberculata) is an illegal invasive species. They are also the intermediate host for some nasty parasites." This is straight from a state invasive species biologist. Please don't import them into the state!

I feel that this answer may not have actually been helpful; while not doubting your experience, and knowing that the internet isn't always the best place to discover important information, I am more interested in knowing WHAT parasites these may harbor, as well as their lifecycles, etc. Other people do have them locally, and other than what you have just stated, all I can find out is what I have stated, ie, that aquarists seem to feel that there is no issue with this kind of snails directly, but it may be some crustaceans which are the intermediate hosts. It has been difficult to find this information, and it would also be helpful to know what precautions need to be taken, such as boiling or filtering, of water removed from the tank as part of the regular water changes and put onto my vegetable garden, to prevent them from spreading beyond the confines of my tank, Thank you for your input.

Again, I encourage you to not to establish or encourage to be established these creatures. Again, from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources:

"Thanks for the followup. If we knew who this person was, I would arrange to have a conservation officer pay them a little visit! Since we don't, and they don't seem particularly worried about the law or seem to care about your professional advice, guess there's not a whole lot more we can do?

I know these snails are periodically sold through some pet stores or via the internet. Law enforcement in SLC checks those sites on occasion and lets them know they need to cease and desist..

Also, fyi, these snails are the intermediate host for a nasty gill fluke (digenetic trematode) which can really hammer tropical fish in a tank, and in the wild."

Utah's ecosystems depend on its citizens to keep invasive species at bay.