Lawn - new grass turning yellow

Asked August 21, 2014, 2:28 PM EDT

End of May, had a new porch/walk put in and part of the front lawn was destroyed in the process (about 50' 10'). Put down top soil, Penn State Mix seed, then mushroom manure. It was a real battle because just when seeds started to sprout (about a week), we had extreme thunder storms and washed a lot of the mushroom manure, seeds and sprouts down the sloped lawn in waves. Did reseed, and it came in fairly nice, but I will still have to patch bare spots from the storms, now in the fall. When the lawn came in, it had a lot of some broadleaf weeds and barnyard grass. Local garden store said to use >>>Weed-B-Gone MAX

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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Before you start applying weed killers to your new lawn I recommend that you take a look at Penn State Extension’s publication “Weed Management in Turf” it is available for free download at

In addition Penn State Extension has a thorough and detailed source of information on all aspects of lawn care on an online web site “Home Lawns” You can access this site at

If you have additional questions I suggest that you call Allegheny County Penn State Master Gardeners. Gardenline is a free service offered through the Penn State extension office to help Allegheny County residents with gardening questions and concerns. You can find contact information at

Allegheny County Penn State Extension Office
Address: 400 North Lexington Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208-2521
Phone: 412-473-2540
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