Why do I have toadstools or white mushrooms in my lawn?

Asked August 19, 2014, 4:07 PM EDT

Why do I have toadstools or white mushrooms in my lawn. I first notice the mushroom when start turning warm the beginning of May. What can I do to get rid of the mushroom?

Howard County Maryland

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Mushrooms live on dead organic matter. Under the soil, you have some decomposing organic matter--probably the old dead roots of trees or shrubs. Could also be buried wood or lumber. Spores are always floating around in the air and then the mushroom "organism" grows under the soil until conditions are good (usually nice and damp) and then it produces a "fruiting body" i.e.a toadstool.

Unless it is living on some scrap lumber or an old stump or something that you know of and can dig up, there is nothing you can do. An occasional mushroom here or there is normal. There is nothing you can spray or apply to the lawn to prevent them. They are very short-lived and are not an indication of a problem, so we recommend that clients simply knock them over and let them dry up if they strongly object to them. Even easier is to just enjoy their brief appearance.