Some short, fat and yellow cucumbers

Asked August 19, 2014, 6:36 AM EDT

Some of my, well most of my cucumbers are short, fat and yellow. I thought maybe I was watering too much, so I cut back on watering them. I have a few that are growing normal but I have to pick them early in fear that they will turn on me. See picture, the one on the left I picked early (6in) so it wouldn't turn on me. Any idea why this is happening? They are in full sun and I water in the morning and evening everyday. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Suffolk County New York

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Dear gardener,

Unless you are growing a yellow variety (such as lemon cucumbers), cukes that turn yellow are generally over-ripe. Also, they may have been over-watered. When cut lengthwise, the fatter fruits are generally seedy and may taste bitter.

Cucumbers should be harvested before they turn yellow, even if they are not as long as you would like. Often weather has an impact on fruiting. Cucumbers need about an inch of rain or water during the course of a week, or slightly more if the temperatures are especially hot.