Hi, I recently had a soil test done due to broad leaf weeds in my yard- wood...

Asked August 18, 2014, 3:52 PM EDT

Hi, I recently had a soil test done due to broad leaf weeds in my yard- wood sorrel, violets, dandelions, even some mare's tail (short) spreading from the native planting area near the grass. We don't mind the violets but there were so many of the wood sorrel and mare's tail that we wanted to see if we could control it without weed killer. The area ranges from sunny to shady but the one constant is that it is near some native flower and shrub plantings that we planted in 2011. We also stopped using weed killer. The soil test said our calcium was 3248 ppm, magnesium 497 ppm. The pH 7.2. Phosphorus 20, Potassium about 110. Recommendation was fertlizer 20-5-10 2 lb/1000 Sq.ft. per year. Any other thoughts on weed control? Thanks very much. Eric Larson

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Soil aeration is one practice that promotes healthy grass. Cutting the grass and bagging the cut grass before the weeds set seed also helps reduce the number of new weeds. Over seeding to choke out some of the weeds and use of a pre-emergent in the spring (pre emergents stop seeds from germinating so not technically a weed killer) will also help. Finally lots of hand pulling will also be necessary. Pull as many as you can in the spring so they do not set seed. It will take about 3 years of effort and your lawn should be relatively weed free.