bald faced hornets nest

Asked August 18, 2014, 9:33 AM EDT

Need where can I find free removal of hornets nest?

New Castle County Delaware

2 Responses

Bald faced hornets are actually beneficial so should be left alone if that is possible. Otherwise some beekeepers will remove a hornet's nest but probably not for free. You might check with your local county extension office to see if they have a list of individuals who will remove hornet nests.

To find out if there is a list of hornet nest removal services you can call the Cooperative Extension New Castle County garden help line 302-831-8862, describe your problem and a Master Gardener will return your call. This appears to be a large nest that may house a large number of hornets that will be very defensive of their home. It will continue to grow until frost when the hornets will die. However, if this next is located in a high traffic area for people or animals, you should seriously consider having it removed by professionals.