Fire Blight in flowering pear trees

Asked August 18, 2014, 9:08 AM EDT

WE have 39 flowering pear trees on our property in Port Matilda, PA. Our neighborhood is lined with them and a neighbor on the other side of development noticed a problem with his trees and took a sample to PSU and it was diagnosed as fire blight. An arborist was in our neighborhood and he looked at the trees on our property. Our trees are only showing minor signs of infection. He recommended pruning all at the end of August and then in May drilling into the root of the trees and doing a "systemic rot flare injection treatment" Is this considered the appropriate treatment? And will this "save" the trees from this disease? Will treatments need to be done every year after? Thanks for any advice

Centre County Pennsylvania

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The following publication from Purdue will give you extensive information Pear fire blight: