grapes are dying right on the vine. Last year we had a bumper crop...

Asked August 17, 2014, 9:21 PM EDT grapes are dying right on the vine. Last year we had a bumper crop from my very old grape arbor. This year the leaves don't look healthy and the grapes are shriveling up.

Albany County New York grapes

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Sorry it's taken a little while for us to get back to you about your question. From the picture of the fruit that you sent, it looks like you might be dealing with one of two possible diseases - black rot or downy mildew. If you could send a picture or two of any discoloration on the leaves (yellowing, dying around the edges, etc.) that could help give a more definitive answer. Also, let us know what variety of grape it is as well, if you know it.

Thank for getting back to me. Attached is a pic of the leaves. I am not sure of the grape variety. I was hoping you might be able to tell me. Also, it might be worth mentioning that the the crab apple tree right next the grape arbor has NO crab apples this year. Those leaves look fine. Related maybe?

If it black rot or a fungus, will it be killed by the upstate ny winter? Or will I need to do something to prevent this from happening again?

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The leaves in your picture don't have any symptoms of black rot (the chewing on them is likely from Japanese beetles, but it's not enough to worry about at all), but I still think that's what's happening with your fruit.

My two suggestions would be: 1) This winter, be sure to remove all of the stems from the vines. If they are left in place, the fruit that is attached to them will be a source of disease spores next year. Don't just drop them on the ground - dispose of them somewhere else. 2) Talk to your local extension office's Master Gardeners (most counties in NY have them) about where you could get a fungicide that works on fruit diseases (local garden centers are a usually a decent place to start too). That should help next year too.

Best of luck!