Asked August 17, 2014, 3:54 PM EDT

I have had this wisteria for three years and it has never bloomed. I trimmed it this last spring and the left side pretty much died. I would love to see this blossom….what is the problem? Should I cut it "way down" in the fall? It looks very healthy, has grown tremendously but just has no flowers :O(

Kent County Michigan

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The problem is that even though the leaf buds may be hardy in Michigan, the flower buds rarely are. With an extremely mild winter, there may be a couple of flowers. But occasionally, there appears to be a random wisteria that gets more flowers. There is no way of knowing or predicting. If the wisteria was living in a southern state, it would probably bloom happily each spring.

The sad fact is that leaf buds are more hardy than flower buds. Last winter was so miserable that it appears that half the vine took a hit. If it was ever going to bloom, pruning it back in the fall or spring would remove flower buds. Since it is supposed to bloom in the spring, there is no time to make flower buds in the spring. Buds are made in late summer and fall. Unfortunately, this information will be of little use in too-cold Michigan.