When to transplant a Monrovia Meyer lemon tree

Asked August 17, 2014, 12:19 PM EDT

I recently bought a small Meyer lemon tree (Monrovia) from Sloat Nurseries in San Francisco. It is doing very well.

Q.1 When should I move it to a bigger pot?

Q.2 It has no blossoms now (August); when might I expect to see some?

San Francisco County California

1 Response

You can transplant it to the next size container when after you tap or squeeze the clay/plastic pot and then pull gently while the plant is inverted the whole root ball comes out as one whole unit. You will want to loosen the roots up and replant in the next size container (ie from 6" to 8" or 8" to a 10" pot) Don't transplant when in flower or when you have lots of new growth or you will probably lose both. If you have some new growth you might want to place it in filtered sunlight for a few weeks to allow it to regrow new roots. Typically citrus will bloom in the fall of the year but you can get blooms at different times of the year. You can encourage blooming with a higher phosphorous fertilizer (ie 0-20-0) For more information you can contact your Extension office at: 80 Stone Pine Road, Suite 100 Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 650-726-9059 cesanmateo@ucdavis.edu