Lemon Tree problems

Asked August 17, 2014, 9:27 AM EDT

Please tell me what is wrong with my lemon tree and how to treat the condition.

Also, the condition was present last year but it didn't affect the tree's production. This year, the tree which is in its 9th year in the ground produced only 3 lemons. Anything we need to do to encourage fruit growth?

Harris County Texas

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Your lemon tree has citrus leaf miner. Citrus leafminers like most pests can't be eradicated, but rather just managed to lower levels. This pest will continue to attack flushes of new leaves until frost occurs. The damage from citrus leaf miner is not fatal. Leaves look bad, but are partially functional, so control of the insect is optional.

A low toxicity option for managing citrus leaf miner is to spray the trees with a product containing spinosad (several brands available in the home garden market) whenever there are flushes of new growth. Realize that any insecticide applied to the foliage only works for a couple of weeks, and subsequent flushes of leaves will be unprotected. So, I favor not treating for this pest at this point in time, unless you really need to improve the appearance of new leaves for some cosmetic reasons.

Here is a some additional information:

As for your low fruit production, remember we had a late frost in March. The citrus had bloomed before then and had started to set fruit. My satsuma has no fruit this year due to the late freeze.

Thanks for the question.

Thank you, Paul. I really appreciate your help!