bird mites

Asked August 17, 2014, 12:00 AM EDT

I have been bitten by bird mites I have them in my home, I need help I have bite marks .I cant afford pest control .Will they keep breeding in my home ? I am getting a steamer to clean everything and a new hepa filter sweeper. I feel them on me. I am desperate.please help. my phone number is 717-905-2150 my name is Julie Kuhn

Dauphin County Pennsylvania

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I am sorry to hear about your problem with bird mites. These parasites can be very difficult to control, and they can continue to get worse over time. The first step is to identify these pests. Because they are very small you may require a good magnifying glass to find them. If possible you should try to capture some on a piece of clear tape. You can take the trapped mites to your local Penn State Extension Office for identification, and suggestions for treatment.

You can find a fact sheet on bird mites from the University of Minnesota at:

You might also want to check the web site at:

I recommend that you immediately contact a Master Gardener in your area. Information on how to contact a Dauphin County Master Gardener is available at

Dauphin County Penn State Extension
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