Grazing grasses

Asked August 15, 2014, 4:34 PM EDT

I have recently purchased some land in Alvin. The land use to be a rice field that had overgrown. I have cleared it off to the dirt and want to plant some grass that livestock (predominantly cattle and possibly a horse) would do well foraging on. What would the best, and hardiest, grass be to plant? Thanks in advance.

Brazoria County Texas

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I would suggest that you call your agriculture extension agent in Brazoria County. I am located in North Texas, North of Dallas, so advice I would give you might not be the best for your area in South Texas. We don't grow any rice in this area, so I don't know what herbicides are used in rice production. There might be some residual effects from herbicides used for rice production that may or may not be detrimental to establishing a pasture grass.