Freezer Choke Cherry Jelly

Asked August 14, 2014, 3:21 PM EDT

A client wants a recipe for freezer choke cherry jelly, and she would like to know if she can use the same recipe for choke cherry jelly as blackberry jelly and instead of processing it in jars can she just freeze it?

Luce County Michigan

1 Response

Chokecherry fruits are popular in making jelly. Any recipe that

calls for sour cherry or elderberry jelly can be substituted with

chokecherry fruit. A mixture of half chokecherry juice and half

apple or red currant juice also makes a tasty product. Red currant

juice does not influence the chokecherry flavor as does apple juice.

You can try substituting the chokecherries in a berry recipe that is made for freezer jelly. However, I do not recommend trying to use a cooked jelly recipe to make a freezer jelly. You will have poor results without the cooking process.