Is an Aquatic Applicators lisence required

Asked August 14, 2014, 8:51 AM EDT

I have been ask to arrange aquatic herbicide applicaton to control Fragmites on tidal waters on Indian River, De. Do I need an Aquatic Applicators liciense to accomplish this work? I am a 30year plus manufactures representative handling and sell herbicide, insecticide and fungicides.

Sussex County Delaware

1 Response

Yes, I believe you will need a pesticide applicator license from the Delaware Department of Agriculture. The link below details their program. Also, I recommend you contact David Pyne, who heads that program, to begin the process and answer any other follow up questions. He is out of the office until September 2nd, but if you call the program number 302-698-4571, someone else should hopefully be able to assist you this week, if necessary. Good luck with your project!

Pesticide Administrator, David Pyne
E-mail or Business Ph: (302) 698-4570