Hi! I bought a clematis on clearance. It had one little vine, which fell off...

Asked August 13, 2014, 9:23 AM EDT

Hi! I bought a clematis on clearance. It had one little vine, which fell off when I took it out of the pot (so basically I just planted the roots). I was told that clematis like their stems in shade and their flowers in sun, so I transplanted several ferns to go around it. The fern blades wilted as a result of the transplant, so they're not currently providing any shade for the clematis, but I anticipate they will work great for next year. In the meantime, I'm wondering if I should put something near the clematis that will give it some shade - maybe a potted plant or something else? Or doesn't it matter at this point since the clematis is just roots and doesn't have any stems growing yet? The area I planed the clematis gets sun for a couple hours in the early afternoon. Any suggestions you have would be very helpful! Thanks for your help, Jordan Milan Duluth, MN

St. Louis County Minnesota

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Providing shade this year will not be necessary. Do not fertilize the plant this year. Your plant does not have any leaves to feed its roots and it may not thrive. Hopefully it has already stored up enough food to make new stems and leaves. I have provided a couple of links with information about caring for clematis.

Thanks so much, Evelyn! I really appreciate your help.