Live Oak with embedded wire

Asked August 12, 2014, 10:26 PM EDT

Hello, I found a small live oak (about 8 inch diameter) with bracing wire embedded pretty deep (pics below). I cut away about 4 inches without hurting It I think - pic #1. Will that be enough? Should I pull/cut the rest of the wire and tubing out or would that cause more damage.

Brazos County Texas

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Ouch - poor tree. This tree may live, but it will never flourish - sorry. From your photograph - very helpful by the way - the girdling surrounds the tree completely. The tree will respond in a similar way to a turnicut that is placed on a person's arm. The channels - xylem and phloem - that move water and nutrients up and down the tree are in the cambium layer which is just under the outer bark. So, the leaves and roots will get very limited amounts of the elements and water needed for the tree to thrive, creating stress and making the tree more susceptible to disease and pests. Sorry, but this is not good. You've done the right thing by removing as much of the cabling as you can. For a professional opinion and advice, you could contact a certified arborists in this area. Go to International Society of Arboriculture website. There is an area to search for arborist by entering your zip code.