Is it safe to can mango chunks?

Asked August 12, 2014, 9:56 PM EDT

Is it safe to can mango chunks? I see that it can be low acid and also that it shouldn't be made into puree as it is low acid...but there is a recipe in the ball big book to can it in syrup.

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There are tested recipes for canning green mangos and mango sauce on the National Center for Food Preservation (USDA) site. There is a caution for handling mangos since they are a member of the poison Oak family and some people get a skin reaction from the mango skins.

There is also a recipe in the Ball Blue Book that cans Mangos in a boiling water bath in a light to medium sugar syrurp using the hot pack method.

Ball and USDA website are considered research based canning methods so are safe to use.

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Nellie Oehler

I did a little research on the pH of mangos. Since answering your initial question. Here is the response to the question I got from the nchfp.

From Elizabeth Andres from NCHFP.

The FDA information is wrong. Green mangos are more acidic and fall under 4.6 (there may be odd variety out there but you don't find specific varieties listed above 4.6, at least not as of two years ago when I looked at some books and journal articles) and ripe mangos can be above 4.6. They get less acid as they ripen.

Nellie Oehler