limp leaves on Lapin cherry tree

Asked August 12, 2014, 3:13 PM EDT

I have a semi-lapin cherry tree, had great fruit, the leaves are limp and starting to turn gold and red...I have been watering once a week, but the leaves still look limp, the other cheery (Bing is doing very well and the leaves are still green.

Lincoln County Oregon cherry trees

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Cherry trees can better withstand disease and other problems when given proper care. I have provided some general guidelines which you are likely aware of already. It would be helpful to have a photo or samples to look at.

Dehydration can cause leaves to discolor. Lapins leaves also change colors in the fall-orange, red and yellows. So it is possible that it is done fruiting and is now moving into the fall season.

Sweet cherry trees are the variety most often grown in backyards and also the type of cherries generally sold at the grocery store. There are also tart cherries that can grow in the home orchard, and these are mainly used for baking. Both varieties of cherry trees require proper care to help them withstand cultural conditions or diseases that cause shriveling foliage.


All growing things need water, including cherry trees. When given ample water, cherry trees thrive and produce better fruit. Over- and under-irrigating cherry trees can have adverse effects. Inadequate irrigation can affect leaves and fruit, causing them to shrivel, curl and sunburn. Too much water combined with poorly draining soil can lead to tree death. Cherry trees generally do not need to be watered from fall after leaves drop until new growth begins.

Genetic Abnormalities

Two common genetic abnormalities of cherry trees include deep suture and cherry crinkle. Deep suture causes leaves to develop more narrowly than usual with a glossy, dark green color. Cherry crinkle causes leaves to shrivel or crinkle, and leaves are often deformed with some mottling. Both conditions affect the amount of fruit growth on the trees. Any branches afflicted with either of these genetic abnormalities should be removed to allow unaffected limbs to develop.