what snake did I just see in my backyard

Asked August 12, 2014, 11:28 AM EDT

This snake was about 4 feet long. His whole head was black. He was very fast, his body seemed to be reddish toned but faded to beige to tail. He was slithering with his head extended upwards. Never seen this before. Not sure if I could be dealing with a venomous snake or not. Either way I don't like.

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Dear LeeCo FL, Thank you for contacting Extension with your Natural Resource questions. There are only two really fast snakes and both are black. They are the black racer and coach whip snake. Both are harmless. Snakes are everywhere. They are very helpful in the ecosystem. In Alabama only 6 of our 43 snakes are venomous. Just give these a wide berth. I hope this helps. Blessings. - Andy

1cant be a black racer I've seen those before. And not coachwhip snake. They described to be very thin like a whip. Only head was black!!

I'm thinking common brown snake

To everyone reading this question, without a picture we are guessing at the ID of this snake. Another option is the North Florida Swamp Snake. Personally I've never seen one, but it could fit. Whatever kind of snake it was, it's gone and it was non-venomous.

Again snake is not all black. Just head. Body was light in color. Big and long. It went into field of bushes, palmetto trees etc.

Have come to the conclusion its an eastern coachwhip snake.