Can you clarify what fungicides can be used for wine grapes?

Asked August 12, 2014, 10:36 AM EDT

Spectracide brand of Immunox Plus was recommended to me for black rot control on wine grapes by a local vineyard/winery. Can a homeowner user this product, or does it require a license? Bonide, one manufacturer of another product with the same ingredient, propiconazole, told me it was not approved for use on wine grapes. Can you clarify?

New Castle County Delaware

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Immunox Plus is available to home gardeners, but based on the label I found for this product, it is labeled only for ornamentals and NOT for fruits or vegetables. So it should not be used on grapes. The label I found is accessible from this page: Spectracide Immunox® Fungus Plus Insect Control Concentrate.

For more information on black rot identification, life cycle, cultural (non-chemical) techniques to control the disease, and fungicide spray timing, I recommend consulting the Wine Grape Production Guide from North Carolina State University.

Double A Vineyards sells a number of fungicides used in grape production, almost all of which are not restricted use and can be purchased by home gardeners (as long as you can handle the price). They have good descriptions of each product's efficacy for control of various grape diseases at their website: Buy Books and Accessories.

Some fungicides for grape production should be available at a good garden center, but you will need to read the label and use only products that are labeled for control of black rot in grapes.