Wildfire Black Gum 5 inches around

Asked August 11, 2014, 8:19 PM EDT

I am getting a Wildfire Black Gum tree that is 5 inches around from Georgia and I live in Northwest Ohio I would like to know what the survival percentage would be coming from Georgia to Ohio ? Since they they have a tip root, an is it to large? It is coming from a Nursery that grows tree for a business. An ship trees up here to Retail Nurseries.

When is the best time to plant this tree in the Fall or Spring time? What months?

What is your feeling about this?
I will have it spaded in since kit would be a very large tree. What I am worried about is the tip root.


John Wilhelm
Ohio 43567

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1 Response

The best time to plant it would be March-April.

It is better to acquire a tree from the north rather than the south, but it will probably survive, since it's a Zone 4 plant.

Make sure it has a moist, well-drained, acidic (low pH) soil, plus full sun to bring out the great fall color.

Most trees lose their taproot after a few years, forming a more horizontal, shallow root system since the roots require oxygen. Don't plant it too deep.