help identify tall weed with skinny leaves

Asked August 10, 2014, 3:26 PM EDT

This is growing in my yard. I would like to see if it is edible for my rabbits. It grows about 4 foot tall has white flowers and a round stem with what looks like whiskers covering the stem and leaves. It also seems to have a tap root. Thanks

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Your weed could possibly be Hoary Alyssum. I don't know about toxicity to rabbits but it is a concern to horse owners. As it is a weed that spreads, I would get rid of it.

I looked up more pictures of hoary alyssum and I do not believe that is this plant. It does not have the four petal flowers. They just open up into a puffy seed head. I hope these pictures can clarify it better.

With help from fellow Master Gardeners, we believe your plant may be Canadian Horseweed. Here is info:

Another Master Gardener sent a link to the list of poisonous plants:

Thank you. It is the Canadian horseweed after I looked up more photos. Thank you for your time.