What kind of grass do I have

Asked August 10, 2014, 1:23 PM EDT

Hello my name is Marcus. I live in Taylorsville, Utah and have a question regarding the grass in my yard. I am suppose to have Bluegrass in my whole yard as I am the one who layed the sod. However in my front yard where it receives mostly morning & afternoon sun with evening shade it appears that I have some other type of grass other than Bluegrass as it has very fine blades and does not respond well to a lot of foot traffic. The overall growth of the grass throughout my whole yard is very thick and healthy with no bare spots. I also have noticed that at the property lines of both of my neighbors on both sides, right at the property line is where the grass changes texture from my fine bladed grass to their thick presumed bluegrass. I would assume that if I had a different type of grass it would slowly spread into their yards as well. But this is not the case. There is a distinct line between their grass type and mine. So I am unsure if maybe I am doing something wrong in watering habits or if my soil needs some type of ammendment and am unsure what to do... as I would really like to have the same type of grass as my neighbors and the type I had when I layed it down many years ago.
P.S. I have also noticed a few very small areas where this type of grass has started in my backyard as well and slowly appears to have spread over the last year. I have tried overseeding with a Scotts all bluegrass mix and this does not seem to help.

Salt Lake County Utah

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Hello Marcus,

Based on your description, it sounds as though some fine-leaved fescues are making their way into your lawn. However, it's not unusual for the composition of a lawn to change over the years, as some species are better adapted to various locations in your yard. It's even possible that the fescues were present in very small numbers in your original sod and now local conditions are encouraging their spread.

If you would like to get bluegrass re-established in those areas with fine fescue, I would recommend spraying those areas out with RoundUp (or similar) and starting over with either a reputable bluegrass seed mix or sod. Recommended bluegrass varieties and seed sources may be found here, while basic turfgrass management practices may be found here.

Best regards.