home processing of jams & jellies

Asked August 7, 2014, 5:35 PM EDT

I am interested in processing jams, jellies & fruit butters at home and applying to sell at local farmers markets. I checked a few years ago and was told that I must have a "commercially permitted facility" in which to process the fruits & veggies. I am not a farmer, but do purchase the fruits & herbs from local farmers. Can you give me any insight on how to go about getting a permit? I have a garage space in our new house that I'm considering turning into a kitchen just for this purpose if it's a possibility.

Thank you for your time.

Fayette County Kentucky

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Kentucky passed HB 391 which allows Ky. farmers to process and sell home prepared foods. In your instance, since you are not a Ky. farmer it would appear you would not be permitted to process your product at home. To clarify your specific situation I recommend you contact the state department of Agriculture.

In the event you are not permitted to process your jams, jellies and fruit butters at home there are certified commercial kitchens throughout the state that provide state inspected facilities for processing food products. Of course, there are fees associated and a complete list of the kitchens can be found by referencing www.uky.edu/fsic/Commercial Kitchens in Ky.pdf