Transplanted Grapevine Wilting

Asked August 7, 2014, 2:32 AM EDT

I have a vine producing small black grapes. I live in the north of England. We had to relocate it due to some building work we're doing. The gardener told me it is ok to be planted straight in the ground without a trellis or support in a shady position for a few months. We did this but now it does not look happy. It is very also needs pruning back heavily. I really want to keep the vine. Any advice would be really helpful thank you Susanna

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2 Responses

You probably should have cut it back heavily when you transplanted it. The reduced root system probably cannot supply enough water for all the growth. You can cut it back and cut it severely if you want to. If you want leave only 4 shoots to rebuild the trellis arms next year.

Thanks so much that's really helpful