What is This Sticky Smelling Weed

Asked August 6, 2014, 1:49 PM EDT

Hi, This is a curiosity...What is this weed / plant? I have spread some of its seeds along my driveway because I like the tall green stalk, yellow flowers and hardy drought resistant qualities. I am curious as to what it is. PS; I didn't receive a response on the website after clicking send. So I resent the message on the website, then logged into my email and found a link to page where I am adding this as an edit to the original question. So you will be getting a second question! Also I am adding pictures as apparently the website does not allow more than one.


Jackson County Oregon

2 Responses

Your plant is a tarweed, Genus Madia in the Asteraceae family. I can't be sure of the species from just the photos but most likely it is Madia sativa, common name Coast Tarweed.

It was introduced from South America and is found from Washington to California. It is found along roadsides, in disturbed areas and on dry open hillsides. Most folks consider it a weed, probably due to its somewhat straggly appearance and sticky nature.

There are several very good photos of Madia sativa at http://www.smmflowers.org/bloom/species/Madia_sativa.htm

If you'd like to confirm the identification, bring a sample plant to the Master Gardener plant clinic at OSU Extension, 569 Hanley Rd, Central Point and they'll be happy to research it for you.

Thanks!! As long as it is not an invasive weed, I'll keep replanting it. It has no thorns and smells great! If I can get it to grow in thick patches then it won't look so straggly either! It really is a great little plant!