Weeping Willow - Harrison City PA

Asked August 4, 2014, 5:48 PM EDT

My weeping willow is about 10 years old and until this year looked great. We had a very bad winter in Pittsburgh and don't know if it contributed. The tree is OK, just not as vibrant as it has been. The leaves are green, just not as full as in the past. The bark seems to be seperating from the trunk in spots and I don't know if this is normal or not. I'm attaching pictures which I hope may help.

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Willow trees grow fast and, therefore, tend to have weak wood. This weak wood makes them prone to cracking and splitting more easily than other trees, as well as to having bark separate. There were no obvious symptoms in the photos to suggest any specific pest or disease issue with the tree, but cracking/splitting of the wood can leave it open to possible attack from disease or insects.