what is the latin and common name of this berry?

Asked August 4, 2014, 11:41 AM EDT

found in sandy rocky soil amongst raspberries and mossy pine Northern Western Quebec Canada

Outside United States

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Hello, It looks like a red currant, perhaps Ribes triste. You might compare it to some photos and descriptions. Here is one to start: http://nativeplants.evergreen.ca/search/view-plant.php?ID=00990

I hope this is helpful.

unfortunately not.
I probably should explain, we are at latitude 45.44 North
plant is a vine growing the red berries seen against the maple like leaves. Stems are red. Low to ground, barely see it without the berries which come in singles.

My apologies! You received the answer to someone else's question. I'm still looking into your plant so your patience is appreciated.