Chicken Respitory problems

Asked August 4, 2014, 11:37 AM EDT

I just put down 2 birds in my flocks who had sysmptoms of Aspergillosis. In April I emptied some corn & after throwing it on ground my chickens began eating it and I noticed a little of the corn was moldy. I'm believing that's how my rooster and one hen got sick. I now notice my banty rooster is real quiet and one eye isn't staying open. Am I going to loose my entire flock? My rooster & hen we killed were unable to crow or cluck and seemed to be having trouble breathing. This flock is was 24 birds. I have in the next room 40 12 week old chicks. Are they threatened by this too?

Osceola County Iowa

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Moldy corn is a serious problem with chickens. Even if you remove the moldy corn from a batch the mycotoxins can still be present in the corn. The effect on the flock depends on how many ate the contaminated corn. If the hens in the next room ate the same corn they would be at risk as well. it is not contagious - just a problem with consumption of contaminated feed/corn. See the article on mycotoxins at