stunted outside row on cornfield

Asked August 3, 2014, 9:20 PM EDT

I've always wondered why the outside row on virtually every field of corn I see appears to be stunted and smaller than all the rest of the corn in the field. Why is that?

Lancaster County Pennsylvania

1 Response

It could be for a variety of reasons. 1. Weed control is often an issue on the outside row and you may have competition from weeds and the grasses along the roadside. Farmers do not want to kill the grasses on the roadside and sometimes skip the outside row

2. Fertility is often less because farmers do not want drift and chemicals and fertilizers to get out of the field and into the roadside. Also on the outside there is less competition for light and so the plant does not need to grow as tall.

3. Sometimes the outside row looks the best and has the biggest ears because there is more sunlight.