grapefruit pits

Asked August 3, 2014, 2:41 PM EDT

I have a huge grapefruit tree that produces up to 400 grapefruits a year. About 1/3 of these have pits in the skin. These pits don't seem to hunt the meat of the fruit but are not a pretty sight. If there is something a could do to prevent this, I would do it. Do you know what causes this.

Harris County Texas

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Answering your question would be more definitive if you provided pictures. Based on the description, time of year, and other similar complaints from your area, I would venture to guess that you have mockingbirds pecking and scratching your fruit. This has become an increasingly common problem in urban areas.
I am uploading a picture that you can compare.
Our only recommendations for this problem are: bird scare-away devices (plastic owls, snakes), netting and eliminating bird feeders in your yard. Netting provides the best solution for most folks with this problem.

Thanks, Monte,
That must be what happens to the fruit. The fruit in your photo you sent is what this fruit looks like. I took a photo of one of my fruits but did not know how to download from my I phone. My wife tells me she sees blackbirds in this tree all the time. I guess they do the damage. As long as it is not a disease I can live with it.
Thanks again,
Mike Reagan