diseased Alleghany chinkapins in Meadows of Dan

Asked August 2, 2014, 3:20 PM EDT

Two large chinkapin tree/bushes about 15 feet apart, bearing nuts. A few branches of each tree have had their leaves turn brown and their bark is not as smooth as the healthy branches. I think that they are diseased and want to know if treatment is available for whatever ails them. Unable to find specific info on web or VA tech site.

Patrick County Virginia

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Alleghany Chinquapin is susceptible to a couple of diseases - oak wilt and chestnut blight - and because these are both systemic diaeases, it would require that you take a sample to your local Extension Office to have it sent off for analysis.
The browning leaves could also be caused by environmental factors such as drought, heat or other stresses that cannot be pinpointed through testing.
Finally, there are some insects, such as twig girdlers, that can cause branch flagging. Again, this cannot effectively be determined without proper identification.
Therefore, I recommend taking a sample of what we call "the good, the bad, and the ugly" to either the Patrick or Carroll County Virginia Cooperative Extension Office. This would include a 4"-6" branch sample of the green, healthy leaves (good); a 4"-6" branch sample of leaves that may be starting to turn yellow or have spots or have an overall unhealthy appearance (bad): and, a 4"-6" branch sample of the brown leaves you have described (ugly). You will also want to collect about a pint of the top 4"-6" of top soil with fibrous roots in order to have them analyzed for any systemic pathogens.
You may contact your local Patrick County Office at 276-694-3341.