Aquatic Mystery Masses

Asked August 1, 2014, 10:42 PM EDT

In a Delaware River estuary which is part of John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge I discovered numerous mystery masses affixed to the bottom of hydrilla beds. These masses range in size from ten to 30 inches in circumference. The smaller ones are soft ball sized and the larger ones are equal to three or four
basketballs. They have the consistency of a gelatinous solid. The masses are usually submerged in four to six feet of water, except at low tide when they can be easily spotted. I am wondering what they are??? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. After submitting my question I believe I solved the mystery...

Pectinatella magnifica

Feedback is still appreciated.

Delaware County Pennsylvania

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Dear DelawareCo PA, Thank you for contacting Extension with your Natural Resource questions. You got it! Pectinatella magnifica is correct. Good research and nice pics. Here is a link from UMass about them: Blessings and happy paddling. - Andy