Need to identify a plant

Asked August 1, 2014, 2:32 PM EDT

In Quebec, Canada, a few miles from VERMONT border so I chose that state in the list. Found these plants when I moved here and let them grow for a while to see if they were weeds or blooming plants. Since May they have spread very quickly in a semi-shaded area with no sign of impending blooms, about 10-12 in tall; top of main stem has 3 leaves, under which are 2 lateral stems each with 2 leaves, one larger than the other and asymmetrical. See photo.

Franklin County Vermont

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It looks like it may be bishop's weed (Aegopodium podagraria), also known as goutweed. However, I have forwarded your photo and question to the Extension Master Gardener Volunteers for their opinion.

If it is, in fact, goutweed, there is some good information on the website, including a Fact Sheet (PDF) and information on how to control it.

Thanks for your patience. The volume of questions to our Master Gardener Volunteer helpline is high at this time of year.

To be certain what this plant is, the Master Gardener Volunteers have recommended that you send in a specimen. To do this you’ll need to fill out and follow the steps on the Insect and Disease Diagnosis Worksheet (PDF).

They noted that it does looks like goutweed leaves, but goutweed has umbels of white flowers (like Queen Anne's lace) that bloom from June to August.