Poison Oak

Asked August 1, 2014, 2:19 AM EDT

Hi, I have never seen poison oak. Where can I find it around Florence?

Lane County Oregon

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In this attachment, you'll find some photos of poison oak: http://www.poisonoakandpoisonivy.com/poisonivypoison.html
As far as where you may find it in Florence, I just can't say. On the south coast, we can find it next to the ocean, sometimes even in surprisingly moist areas. The recent book by Edward Jensen, has a map showing that you definitely have it growing in your area--up to about Newport. Remember--"leaflets three, let it be!"

You will tend to find it growing in warmer areas further from the coast. One other hint is that as the summer goes on, the leaves often color up to be more reddish, until they drop late into the fall.

Scott, Thank you for your response.