I have a Beacon apple tree and it has spots on its leaves. They are raised,...

Asked July 31, 2014, 8:42 PM EDT

I have a Beacon apple tree and it has spots on its leaves. They are raised, yellow on the top and crusty, with rust-colored "extensions" on the bottom. What can I do that isn't poisonous? Also, I have a Honey Crisp apple tree and it has fingernail-sized black beetles on it that are eating lacy holes in the leaves. Any suggestions?

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The Beacon has something called apple scab. The blemished fruit is not harmful, just not as attractive as fruit without spots.
The damage from the black beetles will not harm the tree. It can tolerate loosing some of its leaves or parts of leaves without affecting its health. Spraying is an option, if you identify the pest. However, I personally, do not want to spray unless the tree is will die if I don't.

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Thank you for the information. If I do choose to spray, what can I use that is organic and will not harm beneficial insects or birds or other plants? Will a solution of vinegar and soap work? I have also wondered about a product from Byerly's called "biokleen". It's made with grapefruit seed and orange peel. Do you think that would work. Also, is there a way to keep these pests away for the next season?

The pest must be identified before a control method can be chosen. For many pests there is a small window of time when treatment is effective. There is no point in using something that won't work. The only way to know if something is effective is to know what one is trying to control.