Blood spot in eggs

Asked July 31, 2014, 3:09 PM EDT

We are getting some blood spots in eggs lately (we do have a rooster)and I collect eggs each evening. Can these spots develop in one day.

Lane County Oregon

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Blood spots in eggs are the result of a small amount of bleeding from the hen's ovary during ovulation; they have nothing to do with fertility, so you can't blame the rooster. Embryonic blood begins to develop after about 2 days of incubation.

Blood spots are not dangerous to eat, however they are not very appealing. Commercial producers are required to remove blood spots during processing.

Blood spots in eggs tend to occur at a higher rate in some breeds, younger and older hens, and if fed high levels of some feedstuffs such as alfalfa. It could even be the result of our recent warm weather.

A few blood spots in eggs are to be expected in small flocks.