Bird Mites

Asked July 31, 2014, 9:22 AM EDT

We had a nest of fly catchers on our deck and about three days before the babies fledged we started seeing tiny tiny black bugs on ourselves if we were out on the deck. As soon as they fledged I removed the nest and was covered in the little bugs. Both of us now feel them either biting or we itch and we have found some in our home. I sprayed an insecticide on the deck but I am worried that they are in the house now and we will never get rid of them. They are very irritating and the bites feel like a mosquito bite. What are they and how can we get rid of them?

Rusk County Wisconsin

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Bird mites.

Bird mites can bite people. But contrary to popular opinion, and various Internet sites, they do not infest humans or start living on them. They can’t be transmitted from human to human. And if they get on a person, the only remain for a short period time and they cannot continue to survive without their preferred host, I.E.birds. In the usually don’t cause disease. That being said course. It assumes that you have properly identified the insects as bird mites and not something else. I would suggest you capture some and bring it to your local extension office and have them identify what it is. Otherwise you can call a pest-control professional and have him or her identified it.I trust the insecticide used had mites on the label. Always remember, it's important to use insecticides accordance with label instructions for both safety of you and others, and also efficacy.