What should I do when planting perennials in sandy soil?

Asked July 31, 2014, 9:03 AM EDT

When planting perennials in sandy soil, how much black dirt should I put in the hole and around the plant? Also, how long should I wait to fertilize the plant?

Hennepin County Minnesota

5 Responses

What you want to do is similar to container planting and the sandy soil is your container. If you follow the container rule add 3Xs as much black dirt as the soil in the container the plant is growing in. Or since the plant will grow and not be limited by the sides of the container add black dirt to a hole that is the width of the size of the mature plant. For the best results choose plants that grow in sandy soil or tolerate drought. Amendments rarely work as well as choosing plants adapted to the conditions they will grow in.

And fertilization of a new plant?

Fertilize them next spring. They need time to grow new roots. Stimulating growth in of plants that are recovering from being transplanted interferes with recovery.

Just one more question (I think). If you plant in the spring how long to wait until fertilizing?

Fertilize newly transplanted plants after they have recovered from being transplanted and demonstrate their recovery by putting on new growth.