Tomato blight

Asked July 30, 2014, 12:13 PM EDT

I have experienced a reoccurring disease on my tomato plants. It starts at the base and the leaves gradually wither and die. What do you think it is and what can I do about it?

New Castle County Delaware

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Thanks for contacting Ask an Expert. Based on your description and the picture you have included I would lean towards some form of wilt, either Verticillium or Fusarium. Both are caused by a fungus but fungicides are not recommended. The very best way to determine what is happening is to get a sample over to the diagnostic lab so the precise issue can be determined. Please go to the Extension website:
and look for "Our Services" - select "Plant Diagnostic Clinic" - this will give you instructions for submitting a sample.

Please let us know if you require additional information or if you have further questions.

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J.W. Wistermayer
UD NCC Master Gardener