Japanese Stilt Grass

Asked July 30, 2014, 11:31 AM EDT

Our neighbor is plagued by an annual weed called Japanese Stilt Grass. I was wondering if you have any information and the right type of weed killer we should use to try and get rid of it. We are going to call a lawn care outfit to treat a test area but I wanted to bounce off you guys first any suggestions you have on how to handle this particular weed. Thank you.

Chester County Pennsylvania

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Japanese stilt grass is an invasive weed that can crowd out other native and desirable species.It grows in moist places and produces many seeds. The thatch is produces is very slow to decompose. It is easily pulled, but larger stands may be better controlled by use of systemic herbicides that may be used on grasses and not kill those other grasses. Your professional landscape companies would have access to chemicals that may perform better and for which the applicator needs a pesticide license. Care needs to be taken in areas where chemicals may run into water systems and affect other plantings.

Good luck with the management of this invasive weed.