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Asked July 29, 2014, 1:55 PM EDT

Hi, My name is Beth Carrier with List Your Harvest, Inc. Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I wanted to introduce myself to you because I have developed an Online Market Place called, for local farmers to market their goods directly to the local population. I am contacting you specifically because I am looking for some advice and assistance. I have found many ways to reach local consumers, but reaching the farmers who would be helped the most by this tool has proven to be difficult. This tool can be used to inform the public what is available at farmers' markets and farm stands and each farmer has control over what they post for sale. I was wondering who in your organization I should be talking to about this. I have worked with local groups in my immediate area who have agreed to post an informative article which I have written, and promoted on their websites and social media. I was also wondering if there was a monthly publication which you produce that I would advertise in or use to educate farmers about this newly developed tool. You can check out and let us know how we can help the farmers in your area benefit from this. Your feedback is welcome!

St. Lawrence County New York

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The Cooperative Extension Services in each of the 50 states have programs that could be of use for farmers market vendors, but their lists of farmer contacts are not centralized, and finding an advocate in each Service who would distribute your listing service would be quite time consuming. A more direct path would be to connect with the farmer's market associations in each state with their connections to market managers (and thus your end market).

Within eXtension (the national online presence of Cooperative Extension) the Community, Local and Regional Foods group of educators (, ) work in the area of local food promotion. As a member of that group, I'll forward your note to our leadership.

Good Luck with your listing!