What is this thorny vine?

Asked July 29, 2014, 1:48 PM EDT

This thorny vine has been growing in with columbines. Pictures are attached - my apologies for their blurriness. It has 3/8 inch spines all along the stem, as well as smaller spines irregularly, especially near the base of the plant, which appears almost woody. Our first guess was raspberries, except for the fact that it vines rather than grows upright.
We are interested in the ID of this plant, as well as how to control it. Preferably without harming the flowers it is growing amongst.

Bennett County South Dakota

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looks to be in the gooseberry family(Ribes) They are very prickly! The pictures were no very clear so the leaf shot is all I'm going on. Didn't see any tendrils so maybe if its growing in a shady spot it could look viney. Glyphosate(roundup) at 41% concentrate applied to the cut stem will translocate into the roots and kill the plant. Apply it with rubber gloves and a sponge. Do not drip it onto anything else you want to live.
Good luck