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Asked July 28, 2014, 1:36 PM EDT

Hello, We have started to raise peacocks. We have a question that no one seems to have an answer to...We live at 6100 feet in Auburn, Wyoming(near afton in star valley)...We are trying to figure out what humidity reading we need to keep our eggs at in the incubator? For peacocks eggs we have been told to keep the temp. at 99.5 degrees which it has been. The humidity on a web bulb is supposed to be 83-85%....right now the reading on the web bulb is reading 73 degrees. What we need to know from someone at your college is at 6100 feet in dry humidity, does the humidity in a incubator need to be higher or lower? Some say we maybe roasting the eggs, others say it's fine, others say the chicks will drown in the egg at that humidity, but no one seems to know any reasonable information for high altitude incubating of fowl. If you could help we would really appreciate any information. Thank you, Mel & Jenny Broadhead 94 Worton Lane Auburn, WY. 93111 307-886-5239

Lincoln County Wyoming

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Thank you for your Ask an Expert Question. I shared your question with one of our Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture Systems Educators (Hudson Hill).

He shared with me that he has incubated chicken eggs in Star Valley. The wet bulb reading is very important; however, it is a reading of humidity and would not cook the eggs. In short, any deviation in temperature and humidity is going to give you less egg hatches. Statistically, eggs above 5,000 feet have a harder time hatching.

I hope the above helps. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have additional questions. I can be reached at:

Windy Kelley, Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources Educator

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Hudson Hill, Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture Systems Educator

Thank you again, and good luck!

Windy K.