Food Preservation

Asked July 28, 2014, 12:11 PM EDT

Our foods specialist is out for the day. A consumer picked a couple buckets fresh green beans from her garden and they have an odor which she suspects from an animal running through her garden. What would she use to get rid of the odor before canning them? Vinegar? She suggested bleach but I'm hesitant to use that.

Clay County Kansas

3 Responses

If the beans were sprayed by animal urine or other spray (i.e. skunk) it will be very difficult to remove the odor from the tissue of the produce. Definitely not bleach! She could try vinegar, but the beans may absorb the vinegar flavor when soaked long enough to remove the odor. :(

Unfortunately these beans may not be salvageable for canned green beans -- maybe consider making dilled green beans -- the brine mixture should mask the odor and possible off flavor.

Thanks a bunch! It stumped me. Have a great day! Deanna Turnr