This bush/tree sprung up right near my gray water line. What is it???

Asked July 28, 2014, 10:44 AM EDT

This bush sprang up right near a gray water runoff line. It is almost 6 feet tall now. No fruit or flowers or anything on it yet. The leaves a 3 lobed. They put off a mediciney smell when crushed and are rough like fig lieaves. The stalk is rough too and when rubbed with fingernail there is a reddish-pink fluid dye like substance that comes from it. Never seen anything like this. What is it?

Taylor County Texas

3 Responses

It is giant rag weed. Terrible weed. produces thousands of seeds.
for more questions call your county Extension office
Taylor County Extension

Someone said it was a.mulberry bush. Is that possible?

Call the Taylor County Extension office and speak to them about it

It's not a Mulberry