Wild Grapes

Asked July 28, 2014, 8:59 AM EDT

I am told that Cardinals like 'wild grapes' because they are small. In any case I have been trying to purchase purchase 'wild' grape plants but can't find any. Growers only have large juicy grape producing plants.

Can you help me?
Thank you
john pyers

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If you Google 'buy wild grapes' several sources for purchasing wild grapes online are listed. There are so many wild grape vines growing in MA, I bet you could just dig some up from the wild in a friend's yard. Or, look around for them as they are pretty obvious to identify and when you find them, maybe you can just as the owner of the property if you could dig up a plant. Many people consider wild grapes to be weeds and they would probably be happy if you offered to dig some up. If you lived closer, you could have some from my yard!

You write 'are pretty obvious to identify '. So how do I identify a wild grape from a non-wild grape?

Wild grapes, fox grapes, are fairly easy to start from seeds or cuttings. You can take a cutting with a few leaves and place it in potting soil, keep it moist and it will grow roots. Then set it out the next year. So go to the woods, with owners permission. Look for some wild grapes. Take several cuttings. Keep them moist Pot them to get them rooted. Many better garden centers have rooting hormone to help the rooting process.

Concord grapes that are not well managed look like wild grapes and wild grapes that are managed like tame cultivars look and produce larger grapes that look like Concords.